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Sending E-Mail from Sega Dreamcast using modern E-Mail providers

I've been trying to figure this one out for awhile. Favrenation sent me a guide and i'm making a more refined guide here, since there's some things not mentioned in the original (which i'll cite at them bottom). Using the images from there


Download CMailServer here http://download.cnet.com/CMailServer/30 ... 74940.html

Find the name of your PC first, this is important. For the guide we'll call it noob-pc

Go to Account--> Create New Account

This is where we need the PC name
The account name, password and username can be anything but for example:

Account: dreamcast
Password: dreamcast
Username: dreamcast@noob-pc.com

Go to the Remote POP3 tab

If you're using gmail, the pop3 server is pop.gmail.com
pop3 port is 995
Check "SSL"
Then input your gmail e-mail and password
Click "add new"

Go to Tools --> Configuration
Check "Run as internet mail server"

Only check "Enable mail proxy" 

For the domain name, this is again where we need the PC name

Check "Single domain" and input your PC name followed by '.com'
So for example: noob-pc.com

Click "Advanced"

In the advanced menu, DNS settings as follows

Primary DNS (Google DNS)
Secondary DNS

Check Try ISP SMTP if direct sending failed

SMTP server in the case of gmail: smtp.gmail.com
Port 465
Check SSL

Both ISP email and ISP login is your gmail e-mail address
Password is your gmail password


Now to configure the Dreamcast e-mail client, the POP/SMTP server will point to your PC running cmail server

To find this out, run cmd and type "ipconfig" without quotes and use the IP listed for your ethernet adapter (Local Area Connection). For example of the guide lets say its

Username/E-mail login: dreamcast
Password: dreamcast
E-mail address: dreamcast@noob-pc.com
POP server:
SMTP server:

That's it, you should now be able to send e-mail from your Dreamcast browser using modern e-mail providers 

If when launching cmailserver, it says 'Failed to load POP/SMTP service' you have a conflicting e-mail program installed and should remove it


Derived from original guide here: https://sites.google.com/site/segarpgfa ... dreceivedc