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 Dreampipe Status

The main site of Dreampipe (this site) is kind of a mess, or rather an outline of what it should be. But to improve Dreampipe I’d need web developer assistance.

What should be created:

  • A VMU uploader on-par or better than the (now defunct) BlueSwirl VMU uploader
  • Login to wordpress (this site) using Dreampipe BB login credentials
  • An AVI to SFD video converter, to upload videos to a personal “Channel” to be viewed on Dreamcast
  • Dreamcast Now support for the “Community” section
  • Restoring Dreamcall and allowing VOIP via Dreampipe

Until any of that can be done, I’ll just maintain the main site how it is now. As I don’t have the skill to attempt any of that.

However, Dreampipe BB is awesome and works great. Until main site can be improved, BB is the center of Dreampipe. I will sticky this post on the news page

Posted by: Dan on 19/03/17

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