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 Common DNS Server

Kazade, the creator of DreamPi, has made the DreamPi DNS server available to anyone. No matter how you connect (modem, BBA, PCDC or DreamPi), you can set your Dreamcast connection to use this DNS server, which allows retail games to connect to live game servers that actually work. It also fixes the website for many games.

Set your DNS to:

Posted by: DreamPipe on 23/12/15
 dev test links


Or this link

Posted by: Dan on 18/04/17
 User Frontend Test

Link to posting area

Posted by: Dan on 19/06/16
 Login Test

Posted by: Dan on 19/06/16
 Chat Test Link

Test link for mibbit IRC web client

Posted by: Dan on 18/06/16
 Countdown test
-578Days -12Hours -59Minutes -41Seconds
Posted by: Dan on 15/06/16
 Upload in post test
Posted by: Dan on 15/06/16
 Uploaded VMU Files

I will have these intelligently sorted in the future, but for now they’re sorted by the most recent upload first

Posted by: Dan on 15/06/16
 Dreamcast E-Mail Client

Below is a link to a guide for configuring your modern E-Mail account to work on Dreamcast


Posted by: Dan on 17/02/16
 VMU Content Creation

If you would like to create your own VMU content, below is links to guides and a toolkit to do so

VMU Animation Guide

VMU Icon Guide

VMU Content Creation Toolkit

Posted by: Dan on 14/02/16
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