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 Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 website is mostly restored at http://sonic2.dreampipe.net. Due to the recent server migration the DreamPi DNS redirects still point to the old server. I’m not sure when Kazade will have the free time to help fix it. Fortunately you can hold Start and press A 10 times to unlock the Sonic Adventure 2 browser, then press X+A on the bottom bar of the screen

As an event for the SA2 site restore, you can download a special black Chao

VMU file downloads have been fixed for DreamKey. Possibly other browsers. If there are still issues with downloading VMU post it on BB. Almost all SA2 DLC has been tested and working

In addition, a restore of “Chao Laboratory” is in progress at http://chao.dreampipe.net. This is not a Dreamcast site, but it adds depth to the console internet browsing in both Sonic games

Posted by: Dan on 01/08/16

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