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 Zombie: Player vs. Monster

Family Dog, the user who created the Flappy Bird remake for the VMU has created another brand new, original VMU game:

Zombie: Player vs. Monster

Release notes from Family Dog himself

“My latest VMU game Zombie: Player vs Monster!

A timing based mini-game with multiple weapons. Dismember the zombie to win. Contains greyscale graphics, fluid animations and full sound and audio.

Before you ask – yes, the audio can be turned off in the menu!”

Family Dog was also kind enough to release this as a Dreampipe exclusive! In my opinion, the quality of his VMU games are on par with the officially released VMU games in the early 2000s

You can download the brand new game using the link above, or click here (tested using Planetweb 2.62)

For PC users, you can see a video of the game in action here

Be sure to give your comments and feedback on BB! And a big thanks to Family Dog for still creating brand new Dreamcast content in 2017

Posted by: Dan on 01/04/17

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