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 Zombie: Player vs. Monster

Family Dog, the user who created the Flappy Bird remake for the VMU has created another brand new, original VMU game:

Zombie: Player vs. Monster

Release notes from Family Dog himself

“My latest VMU game Zombie: Player vs Monster!

A timing based mini-game with multiple weapons. Dismember the zombie to win. Contains greyscale graphics, fluid animations and full sound and audio.

Before you ask – yes, the audio can be turned off in the menu!”

Family Dog was also kind enough to release this as a Dreampipe exclusive! In my opinion, the quality of his VMU games are on par with the officially released VMU games in the early 2000s

You can download the brand new game using the link above, or click here (tested using Planetweb 2.62)

For PC users, you can see a video of the game in action here

Be sure to give your comments and feedback on BB! And a big thanks to Family Dog for still creating brand new Dreamcast content in 2017

Posted by: Dan on 01/04/17
 Dreampipe Status

The main site of Dreampipe (this site) is kind of a mess, or rather an outline of what it should be. But to improve Dreampipe I’d need web developer assistance.

What should be created:

  • A VMU uploader on-par or better than the (now defunct) BlueSwirl VMU uploader
  • Login to wordpress (this site) using Dreampipe BB login credentials
  • An AVI to SFD video converter, to upload videos to a personal “Channel” to be viewed on Dreamcast
  • Dreamcast Now support for the “Community” section
  • Restoring Dreamcall and allowing VOIP via Dreampipe

Until any of that can be done, I’ll just maintain the main site how it is now. As I don’t have the skill to attempt any of that.

However, Dreampipe BB is awesome and works great. Until main site can be improved, BB is the center of Dreampipe. I will sticky this post on the news page

Posted by: Dan on 19/03/17
 2 Lost VMU Games

Two previously lost VMU games have been found by some rouge guy on the internet. And were obtained from here(Japanese Dreamcast browser site)

I will be updating the VMU section with something better soon. But until then you can grab them here:

Soul Calibur Text Adventure (JAP)

Soul Calibur 3in1 (JAP)

And two more that I archived that I didn’t know weren’t extinct

Soul Calibur GamePak (ENG)


Edit: VMI files are broken, will fix later

Posted by: Dan on 28/02/17
 Screamcast BIOS Theme

Internet was down for a few weeks. But it’s back up now. That is why there’s been a lack of updates

Screamcast 2016 is still going on in Sonic Adventure through October

Click here to download a brand new Dreampipe exclusive Screamcast BIOS theme DLC

Stay tuned for more holiday happenings

Posted by: Dan on 04/10/16
 Screamcast 2016!

Screamcast 2016 officially goes live today! A Halloween event throughout the months of September and October for Dreamcast Online

There’s a Halloween party going on in Station Square! And your times, scores, and fish weight are being ranked in Twinkle Park! This is only the first batch of events for Sonic Adventure, so stay tuned!

You can also download Halloween DLC for Sonic Adventure 2 for two-player mode. There will be more Halloween DLC in the coming days

Have fun everyone!

Posted by: Dan on 12/09/16
 Webtools & Games

I’ve mostly finished mirroring a crapload of Dreamcast webtools and a few flash/java games from the XDP disc. I just have to fix images etc for some pages/games. They can now be accessed from any browser

There’s a bunch of useful tools, but a lot of links are now defunct. They are as-is

Of course, all credit goes to Excalibur007 for making this compilation of tools/games on his custom browser

Posted by: Dan on 15/08/16
 Restored: PBA Bowling 2001

Jonas Karlsson is on fire! He’s restored the multiplayer funcions to yet another Dreamcast game, PBA Tour Bowling 2001

This was a leaked, unreleased title that was only online for a few months after it was leaked. Making this it’s official launch in a way

Just use DNS to log in and give it a spin!

Posted by: Dan on 14/08/16
 SA1 Rankings Restored!

The World Ranking Features for Sonic Adventure have been restored after being offline for over 14 years!

You can use the world rankings feature by using DreamPi DNS Create a ranking upload by highlighting a file on the file selections screen and hold Y+A until you hear the ‘ring’ sound. Then go to the ‘internet’ option in the main menu

Sending ranking data requires an account on Dreampipe BB for username and e-mail information on the ranking

All credit goes to Jial for reverse engineering the CGI program

Posted by: Dan on 13/08/16
 Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 2 website is mostly restored at http://sonic2.dreampipe.net. Due to the recent server migration the DreamPi DNS redirects still point to the old server. I’m not sure when Kazade will have the free time to help fix it. Fortunately you can hold Start and press A 10 times to unlock the Sonic Adventure 2 browser, then press X+A on the bottom bar of the screen

As an event for the SA2 site restore, you can download a special black Chao

VMU file downloads have been fixed for DreamKey. Possibly other browsers. If there are still issues with downloading VMU post it on BB. Almost all SA2 DLC has been tested and working

In addition, a restore of “Chao Laboratory” is in progress at http://chao.dreampipe.net. This is not a Dreamcast site, but it adds depth to the console internet browsing in both Sonic games

Posted by: Dan on 01/08/16
 Tetris: Resurrected

Jonas Karlsson has again revived another Dreamcast game. This time he has restored The Next Tetris: Online Edition

In addition to Jonas restoring Tetris, this new server software works also for Starlancer. Making it a two-for-one deal, which is a sweet deal

To connect, simply use the DNS posted in the Online section. There’s also some ports that require forwarding, thanks Dreamcast Live for making the specific ports available

Tetris: TCP/UDP 3512

Starlancer: TCP/UDP range 2000-3000 and range 6000-7000

You can also set your local address of the Dreamcast into a DMZ, which effectively opens all ports

Posted by: Dan on 23/07/16
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